The False Myths Of Metal Roofs

The quality provided by a metal roof is the result of an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. It involves sheet metal fabrication that puts original grooves in a quality metal shingle. Making metal roofing requires large aluminum coils being treated and going through a stamping press. The process is exact and unique. Many people may not understand the value of a metal roof. There is a number of common myths about this type of roofing that are false.

Metal Roofs Provide No Resale Value
This is false. A homeowner with a metal roof will experience a significant increase in their home's resale value. When a house has a metal roof, the owner will usually regain over 85 percent of the costs. Homes located in the Eastern states can expect to recoup over 95 percent of their resale value. This is far better than homes with asphalt shingles roofs.

A Metal Roof Will Rust
This is false. The metal roofing systems designed today are made to last. All steel metal roofing is given a metallic coating. This coating is made form zinc or both aluminum and zinc. This coating is able to prevent rust from developing. It is bonded to the steel during the manufacturing process. Once the coating is in place, a long-lasting color can then be added based on what is desired by a homeowner.

Metal Roofs Are Loud
This is false. Most homeowners feel their new metal roof was even quieter than their previous asphalt shingle roof. A metal roof is installed on a home with solid sheathing connected to its underlayment. This is designed to significantly decrease noise levels.

Hail Will Dent A Metal Roof
This is false. In the majority of cases, this does not happen. A metal roof is made so it can withstand extreme weather for many years. Under normal circumstances, high winds, hail and more are no problem for metal shingles. Most of the metal roof systems sold today have wind rating of 120 mph. Large-sized hail and extreme storms have caused damage to metal roofs. These kinds of storms will cause damage to any type of roofing.

Metal Roofs Are Hot And Don't Provide Good Insulation
This is false. When a metal roof is properly installed, it will save a homeowners money on utility bills. It's possible for a metal roof's finish to reflect much of the sun's solar radiation. This radiation is usually absorbed by another type of roofing material such as asphalt. Metal roofs are able to help provide a home with a consistent temperature.

Metal Roof Attract Lightning
This is false. There has never been any evidence showing that metal shingles increase the chances of a lightning strike. It's important to remember that lighting will hit the tallest object. Should a metal roof be hit by lightning, the energy would be evenly spread around the structure.