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5 Auto Parts That Can Improve Gas Mileage

If you’re a DIYer, buying auto parts online is a convenient way to get the parts you need. It’s an easy way to get auto parts across Canada delivered fast.

Replacing 5 simple auto parts can improve your engine’s performance and increase your fuel economy.

Air filter
If your car is at least 10 years old, changing your air filter regularly can help increase your fuel economy. The air filter prevents excess dirt and debris from moving through your engine. Clean air preserves your engine parts and helps your engine perform better.

Mass air flow sensor
Think of the mass air flow sensor as your vehicles messaging system. It tells your engine’s computer how to regulate transmission, ignition, and fuel injection. A damaged or dirty sensor may lead to engine misfires and reduced pressure and fuel supply.

Oxygen sensor
If your vehicle has 100,000+ miles, consider replacing the oxygen sensor. Similar to mass air flow, the oxygen sensor also communicates with your engine. It monitors exhaust flow around the catalytic converter and sends signals that tell the engine how to adjust fuel injection.

Spark plugs
Fuel efficiency starts with the right air-to-fuel ratio in the engine combustion chamber. Spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture. Damaged plugs and wires cause misfiring and sluggish engine performance.

No matter how old or new your vehicle is, a good set of tires is good for fuel economy. As tire tread gets lower, you use more fuel. Excessive wear and even tread cause your engine to work harder, using more fuel, to distribute your vehicle’s weight and get power to the ground.

How Much Will Replacement Auto Parts Cost?

It won’t cost much to replace these parts. In the long run, you’ll save money at the pump. We did a quick search for the cost of auto parts across Canada and here’s what we found:

$5.17-$13.63 Spark plugs
$19.49-$51.95 Air filter
$34.42-$119.12 Oxygen sensor
$45.95-$398.46 Mass air flow sensor
$46.67+ Tires

Prices for some parts have a wide range depending on the make and model of your vehicles. Tires, particularly range by size and performance.

Options for Buying Auto Parts Online

You have 3 options for buying auto parts. You can buy original equipment manufacturer or OEM parts from a dealership parts department. You can also buy OEM parts from major auto parts chains. Aftermarket parts are a less expensive alternative. Many dealers and auto parts stores sell high-quality aftermarket parts. Buying retreaded tires can be an inexpensive way to increase fuel efficient and help the environment.

Replacing these 5 inexpensive auto parts can improve fuel economy and increase your gas mileage.